KeyShot HD




KeyShot HD is the base version of KeyShot and includes:

  • Unlimited rendering resolution
  • 500+ material presets
  • 60+ HDRI environments
  • Progressive global illumination
  • Image-based HDRI lighting
  • Physical lighting (Area, Point, IES)
  • Scientifically accurate material types
  • Pantone, RAL and CIE Lab colors
  • Axalta Paints
  • Mold-Tech textures
  • KeyShot Cloud Access
  • Bump, Normal, Specular, Opacity Maps
  • Interactive label placement
  • Procedural textures
  • Interactive scene tree
  • Model instancing
  • Full interactive camera controls
  • Bloom, vignette, image adjustment
  • Import 20+ 3D file formats

We recommend purchasing the corresponding maintenance contract for this product:
KeyShot HD Maintenance


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